Working together
for the future of plastics.

One group. One purpose.

At the Kafrit Group, we’re bringing everything together. People, talent, technology.
Anything that can help us adapt to the future and become better every day.

Because with more synergies between us, we can create opportunities beyond us. Collaborations, disruptive innovations, and superior customer solutions.
From farming to packaging to construction, we’re turning our ideas and passions into a singular purpose.
To unite talent and technology to drive the future of plastics, together.
No barriers. No fear. No limits.
Are you in?

Pillars of progress

We’re keeping our purpose in sight by focusing on three key areas:
Internal and external. Multi-disciplined. Uniquely experienced. With a deep passion for what we do, our people bring our purpose to life.
New product developments. New applications. New ways to use data, analytics and automation. Every step we take is powered by our technology.
Together, to the future
Building a community. Growing sustainably. Taking our industry in new directions. The next generation starts here, with all of us.

Any plastic. For any use.

No matter what products you make, no matter what industry you supply, we have a Masterbatch and Compound to deliver the functionality you need. And if we don’t, we’ll work with you to develop it.

We are specialists in these Masterbatches & Compounds and deliver our expertise here.


Kafrit masterbatches and compounds touch every part of life. They’re used by a wide range of manufacturers from pipe, film and fiber producers, right through to thermoformers and injection molders.
These manufacturers take our high quality raw plastics and turn them into products used in agriculture, food packaging, construction, household goods, electronics, transport and even clothing.

This incredible span of uses and industries is reflected here:

Flame Retardants

Polyethylene Packaging

Agricultural Film

Injection Molding


Polypropylene Cast & Calendar Films


Bopp / Bope



Foaming Agents

Our 4D Innovation method

Our purpose is: ‘To unite talent and technology to drive the future of plastics, together.’ But we know having a purpose is not enough – you have to live it. 

That’s why we’re so proud to have our 4D method – which allows our expert research and development teams to constantly improve our products and develop new ones. It also helps us open up new and disruptive opportunities through partnerships and collaborations – and provide custom solutions for all of our business units.

How it works


We begin by detecting possible innovations, in everything from data aggregation to artificial intelligence.


We work in collaboration with startups, experts in our industry, other industries, and the academic world to design new solutions.


We define the applications, with a focus on how they will drive greater production performance or customer experience.


And finally, we deploy the new innovation – which could be a small modification, a medium progression, or a giant leap that’s a real breakthrough for the market.

Investments in Start-Ups

Our story

Kafrit Industries Ltd was established in 1973 in Kibbutz Kfar Aza, Israel. We spent the next fifty years transforming into a worldwide, leading masterbatch producer. We’ve joined forces with like-minded companies, developed new products, and always put our customers at the heart of our service. And through it all we’ve stayed dedicated to the quality of our products and to our social and global responsibilities.

Kafrit today

We’re a committed group of companies. More than 800 people around the world, all contributing to an annual turnover of around $330 million and an available capacity of over 155,000 metric tonnes.

Kafrit Group ESG Report

Kafrit Group Investors Presentation

As a Public Company traded in Tel Aviv Stock exchange, Kafrit Group has published the Financial Reports for 2023.

Here you can find a full deck describing the Group’s Journey, Strategy, Portfolio and Financial Results.

In 2023 Kafrit set a Record in Financial Performance in terms of Volume and Value Sales, Free Cash-Flow and EBITDA.

The current reality for KAFRIT IL

Over the last months, KAFRIT IL has faced challenges that have tested us not just as a company, but as human beings. We’ve experienced unimaginable loss, and now have a new responsibility to our team members, families, customers, and partners. KAFRIT IL was born in Kibbutz Kfar-Aza, where the October 7th attacks have left every one of our people in the kibbutz feeling an unprecedented loss. We were devastated to lose our team member Dorit Bar Ilan, our Board member Aviv Kutz, and our SVP Business Development & Innovation Nadav Goldstein. In the wake of the tragedy, we’re committed to using our knowledge and resources to help our team members, families and the Kibbutz Kfar-Aza community move forward. Our focus on people has always driven our ESG commitments and goals, and today this matters more than ever, both to our people and the people of Israel. We’ve been sending food to families of recruited individuals, financial assistance to those who need it, and paid salaries to those who can’t work. Thanks to the collaborative culture among Kafrit Group’s companies and partners, we’ve kept our business active and resilient, and maintained our high standards of client service, and we were releasing materials under military protection. Since November 8th, the KAFRIT IL plant came gradually back to operations, becoming fully operational since mid-December 2023. Working together, we started, and we will overcome these obstacles, advance our commitments to all our stakeholders, and emerge stronger than ever

Our history

Kafrit is founded in
Kibbutz Kfar Aza, Israel
IPO in the Tel Aviv
stock exchange
Constab Polyolefin Additives
Joins the Kafrit Group
Suzhou Constab Engineering Plastic
joins the Kafrit Group
Kafrit North America
joins the Kafrit Group
Polyfil Inc.
joins the Kafrit Group
Addvanze AB
join the Kafrit Group
Delta Kunststoffe AG
joins Kafrit Group
Creation of KASA Polymers
Distribution Partnership
ABSA Resin Technologies Inc
joins Kafrit Group
BADGER Color Concentrates Inc
joins Kafrit Group

Kafrit Group Code of Ethics

Itzick Sharir

Chairman of the Board

Leadership team

Daniel Singer


Moody Pruss


Fabian Schulte

Group Sustainability Leader

Olaf Allekotte

Travis Wiens

Juan Castaneda

Alon Kessler

Marcus Rex

Andreas Bässler

Yishai Nachmani

Mike Fink


Thomas Bernhardt

Let’s talk

When we create better solutions, we create happy customers. And we love to build lasting relationships with partners who rely on us for professional technological support and unique solutions.

So if you’re looking for a reliable and customer-focused plastic technological partner, get in touch today.